Repossessions of Charged securities in kenya


We recover possession of property acquired through hire purchase on behalf of the owners upon being instructed so to do.

Repossession is taking back an object that was either used as collateral or rented or leased in a transaction. Repossession is an action in which the party having right of ownership of the property in question takes the property back from the party having right of possession without invoking court proceedings.

Our services have been of great value to:-

  • Motor Vehicle and other heavy Machinery dealers
  • Credit Companies
  • Hire Purchase Companies
  • Chattel Mortgage Companies
  • Tenant Purchase Scheme Organizations
  • Furniture dealers
  • Banks and Financial Institutions

In repossessions, you can instruct us either directly or through your lawyers/advocates.

Our Team of Reposessors:

We boast a team of experienced staff who will collaborate with your Debt Recovery department to ensure that accounts placed with us are dealt with within the shortest practicable time and to a logical conclusion.

In the matters of repossessions, we are Licensed to operate throughout the Republic of Kenya.

For all your repossession services in Kenya, Contact us.

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