Private Eye Investigation in Kenya

We are a Private Eye Investigation agency. Due to demand from Corporate Human Resource Managers, Corporate bodies and the Kenyan populace for corporate and individual private investigations, Lolwe Auctioneers has been approached by both individual and corporate bodies for the services of Skip tracing and other private eye investigations,follow up of persons movements within a designated area to ascertain individual behaviours at certain hours of the day.              

These include:

Corporate Private Eye Services

Human Recourse is the back bone for every successful company. Behavioral activities of various staff before and after employment is a real concern for human resource managers for both employment and promotional purposes. We have been involved in corporate staff investigations for incumbent New staff after interviews to ascertain the authenticity of their allegations as per their CVs' information on their past - Pre and Post Employee screening services.
We also get involved with the already employed staff investigations on their after duty involvements and behaviour.

Individual Private Eye Services

In todays world, better know the person you stay with or the one you want to stay with better before the real persons behaviour comes out. Parents of today stay with their children but they do not know who they are after leaving their houses.

Partners have approached us for information of their spouses, lovers and brides and bridegrooms for their individual behaviours while away from one another. Better know your partner well before you involve yourself with each other.

Lolwe Auctioneers may help you with private information on the behaviour of your staff, Children and your partners.

For all your Private Investigations (PI) services, Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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